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FlexiTrunk™ Interface

FlexiTrunk™ Interface The Fisher & Paykel Healthcare FlexiTrunk nasal CPAP interface is an integrated solution that includes all the necessary components for delivering CPAP, such as nasal masks, nasal prongs, bonnet, and headgear. FlexiTrunk Interface features All the components of FlexiTrunk Interface (nasal masks, nasal prongs, bonnet, and headgear) are designed to fit and work […]

Bubble CPAP System

Bubble CPAP System Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy delivers a heated and humidified blend of air and oxygen while at the same time generating a continuous distending pressure throughout the respiratory cycle. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare offers a system including circuits, a pressure relief manifold, and Bubble CPAP generator. Bubble CPAP generator features The […]

Resuscitation Masks

Resuscitation Masks for Neopuff™ The Fisher & Paykel Healthcare resuscitation masks for neonates and infants are available in five different sizes to fit a range of patients. International guidelines recommend that an appropriately sized infant face mask should cover the mouth and nose but not the eyes, and should not overlap the chin. Careful consideration […]

T-piece Circuits

T-piece Circuits for Neopuff™ Fisher & Paykel Healthcare offers three types of T-piece circuits: classic, ergonomic and humidified All of these circuits can be connected to a mask or endotracheal tube, and they all have positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) valves for adjusting pressure.  Classic Ergonomic Humidified T-piece circuit product features The classic T-piece circuit has […]

Neopuff™ Resuscitator

Neopuff™ The Neopuff is a T-piece resuscitator designed by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare to deliver controlled, consistent, and precise pressures – independent of operator experience. It can provide assisted respiratory breaths to neonates and infants (up to 10 kg) in the delivery room or neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). International neonatal resuscitation guidelines recommend the […]

MR290 Auto-Fill Humidification Chamber

MR290 Auto-Fill Humidification Chamber Suitable for all MR-series humidifiers Automatically refills Dual-float mechanism for added safety to prevent the chamber overfilling Consistent compressible volume allows for consistent delivery of the prescribed waveform Product Codes Part No Description Quantity MR290V Auto-fill humidification chamber 40/box MR290HFV Auto-fill humidification chamber for high frequency ventilation 40/box Resource download list […]

MR250 Manual-Fill Adult Chamber

MR250 Manual-Fill Adult Chamber Designed for adult patients Allows for manual filling Product Codes Part No Description Quantity MR250 MR250 manual-fill chamber 40/box

MR225 Manual-Fill Infant Chamber

MR225 Manual-Fill Infant Chamber Designed for neonatal and pediatric patients Low compliance, compressible volume and resistance to flow – optimal for high frequency oscillators and CPAP generators Product Codes Part No Description Quantity MR225 Manual-fill humidification chamber for neonate/pediatric 40/box Resource download list MR225 Chamber User Instructions

Optiflow+ Tracheostomy Interface

Optiflow+ tracheostomy interface Humidified high flow therapy for tracheostomy patients Evaqua™ technology 1. Designed to reduce the formation of condensation. 93% less condensate* 2. Connects to our AirSpiral™ breathing tube for 93% less condensate* *compared with F&P Airvo™ 900PT501 breathing tube in internal Fisher & Paykel Healthcare testing. Stable Easy to use 3. Re-designed sputum […]

Optiflow+ Nasal Cannula

Optiflow+ Nasal High Flow Interface Comfort + Confidence for patients and clinicians The leading-edge design of the Optiflow+ cannula originates from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s dedication to improve care and outcomes, giving clinicians confidence in the comfortable delivery of Nasal High Flow. The unique concave base, together with the soft contured prongs, are deisgned to […]