Patient Interface

Nasal Tubing

  • Low resistance to flow resulting in low Work of Breathing (WOB)
  • Patented glider technology ensures proper fit preventing undue pressure
  • Supports various caring positions like prone, supine, lateral, etc
  • Collapsible extension tubing allows ease of circuit positioning and provides adjustible length to manage condensate
  • Available in 3 sizes with tear-off foam strip for adjustable height.

Product Code Description
BC180-05 Nasal tubing 50mm x5
BC181-05 Nasal tubing 70mm x5
BC182-05 Nasal tubing 100mm x5
BC190-05 Nasal tubing Universal 50mm x5
BC191-05 Nasal tubing Universal 70mm x5
BC192-05 Nasal tubing Universal 100mm x5

Nasal Prong

  • Soft, pliable and gentle on baby's nares
  • Anatomically curved for a comfortable fit
  • Available in 11 sizes based on prong diameter and width of septum
  • Has the largest bore possible to minimise resistance to flow and Work of Breathing (WOB)
  • Septum cut-away helps prevent septum necrosis.

Product Code Description
BC3020-10 Nasal prong 3020 10/bx
BC3520-10 Nasal prong 3520 10/bx
BC4030-10 Nasal prong 4030 10/bx
BC5040-10 Nasal prong 5040 10/bx
BC5050-10 Nasal prong 5050 10/bx
BC5550-10 Nasal prong 5550 10/bx
BC5560-10 Nasal prong 5560 10/bx
BC6060-10 Nasal prong 6060 10/bx
BC6070-10 Nasal prong 6070 10/bx
BC6570-10 Nasal prong 6570 10/bx

Infant Bonnet

  • Holds the nasal tubing in place
  • Top of the bonnet can be opened to allow clinical procedures like ultrasound
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Sizes are sewn onto bonnet

Product Code Description
BC300-05 Infant Bonnet Midline 17-22cm x5
BC303-05 Infant Bonnet Midline 22-25cm x5
BC306-05 Infant Bonnet Midline 25-29cm x5
BC309-05 Infant Bonnet Midline 29-36cm x5


  • An alternative to the infant bonnet, suits larger infants up to 45cm head circumference
  • With 3-point fixation for a stable setup
  • Soft, elastic material adapts to head contours
  • Available in 3 sizes.

Product Code Description
BC325-05 Headgear Midline 29-36cm x5
BC328-05 Headgear Midline 35-40cm x5
BC331-05 Headgear Midline 40-45cm x5


  • Helps optimize the effect of CPAP by preventing excessive mouth leak
  • Soft, pliable material
  • Split top design for better fixation
  • Available in 4 sizes.
Note: For Infant CPAP only.

Product Code Description
BC351-10 Chinstrap 20-26cm x10
BC353-10 Chinstrap 26-32cm x10
BC355-10 Chinstrap 32-38cm x10
BC357-10 Chinstrap 38-44cm x10

fph FlexiTrunk™

The improved nasal tubing, FlexiTrunk™, is now equipped with a unique, flexible and lightweight extension that allows for easier set-up and improved positioning.

The new FlexiTrunk™ will still use the fph Infant Bonnet, Headgear and Prongs. The two models will continue to be available - Standard models BC180/BC181/BC182 to connect to fph circuits like the Bubble CPAP System and Universal models BC190/BC191/BC192 with added connectors for connection to other circuits.

FlexiTrunk™ Features:
  • The design supports developmental care practices e.g. kangaroo care
  • Large bore tubes for low resistence to flow resulting in reduced work of breathing (WOB)
  • Patented glider technology for easy mask/prong repositioning and keeping straps away from the infant's face
  • Unique, flexible and lightweight and extension tubes for a stable mask and prong fixation while allowing head movements
  • Foam block holder for keeping the tubing in place with the infant's movement
  • Capped pressure port for pressure monitor line connection

Product Code Description Quantity
BC180-05 Infant Nasal Tubing 50mm 5 / box
BC181-05 Infant Nasal Tubing 70mm 5 / box
BC182-05 Infant Nasal Tubing 100mm 5 / box
BC190-05 Infant Nasal Tubing Universal 50mm 5 / box
BC191-05 Infant Nasal Tubing Universal 70mm 5 / box
BC192-05 Infant Nasal Tubing Universal 100mm 5 / box